Our Services


Our Plumbing Division specializes in Industrial & Commercial Plumbing Services which consists of indoor and outdoor plumbing for hotels, commercial developments, hospitals, schools, laboratories, homeowner’s associations and much more. Process Piping Systems Sheridan Plumbing & Sewer builds, installs, inspects, and tests process piping systems for industrial, commercial, chemical and beverage or food processing customers. We can satisfy the most demanding plumbing specifications: utilizing all types of materials including iron, stainless steel, FRP, polyurethane, PVC, acid waste and other special alloys. We can also address all of the in-line components required to sense and control pressure, flow rate and temperature of the conveyed medium which includes liquids (water) and natural gas.

General System Installations

With our extensive background and wide-range of expertise, Sheridan Plumbing & Sewer can handle almost ANY general system installation including Storm Drainage, Complete Well Water Systems, Booster Pumps, Storage Tanks, Sediment Tanks, Filtration Systems, Filtered Water, Pumps, Exposed Piping, and Sanitation Grease Traps. Our breadth of knowledge in the installation and maintenance of plumbing fixtures, allows us to keep your complex plumbing systems in commercial and industrial buildings running smoothly.


From the initial concept through all of the phases of planning, plumbing drawings and specifications, construction and installation, Sheridan Plumbing & Sewer can handle all of your Design/Build plumbing requirements. We’ll work closely with your team of general contractors, architects and engineers to Design/Build the necessary drainage systems, sanitary sewers, and potable water for the wide variety of facility types found in our communities.