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Vacuum and Hydro Excavation

is a useful technique which can be implemented to safely uncover underground utilities without damaging property, excavate in tight spaces which are not reachable using conventional methods and is useful in providing a mess-free excavation limiting restoration to surrounding landscape. This is achieved by using high pressure water and industrial strength vacuums which remove debris with precision and transfer it into a holding tank that can be disposed of on or off the jobsite.


is a term for excavating or exposing underground utilities by using hydro excavation. In addition to uncovering buried utilities, Potholing is an efficient and cost effective digging method for any installation.

Slot trenching

is performed for the purpose of digging narrow trenches, most commonly for installing pipes, cables, or any other utility in the ground. Although traditional slot trenchers are dangerous to use because of the damage they cause, hydro excavation offers a non-destructive and efficient solution to slot trenching. Install sprinkler systems, locate underground utilities, and perform installations without worrying about what’s already installed in the ground. With the convenience of hydro excavation, slot trenching can even be performed on frozen surfaces.