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Closed Circuit Television Inspections (CCTV) are an extremely vital part of maintaining a sewer system. CCTV inspections allow you to determine the efficiency of your sewer system and can identify defects and blockages that may be negatively impacting your system. Examples of things that can create problem include:

We have a wide selection of cameras, crawlers and CCTV equipment, including explosion-proof & intrinsically safe equipment, which must be used when working in hazardous and/or flammable environments, which allows us to inspect pipelines from 1″ to 120″ in diameter. During the CCTV inspection, our specially trained technicians identify items such as service connections, joint spacing, pipe depth, flow direction, pipe defects and obstructions or blockages. All of this information is entered into our software, which is capable of generating reports which identify the location and severity of the problems identified during the inspection. We provide our customers with video inspections and reports and assist them in evaluating the conditions of their system and what corrective actions should be undertaken.